Shark Won't Let Go of Beachgoer Even as She's Taken to the Hospital

A swimmer in Boca Raton emerged calmly from the water with a shark clamped to her arm.

A Florida beachgoer was bitten by a shark over the weekend and left the water with the fish still attached.

Boca Raton swimmers witnessed the bizarre sight Sunday, as the 23-year-old victim calmly emerged from the water with a baby nurse shark clamped to her arm.

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As rescue workers came to the woman's aid, the shark remained stubbornly attached even after it had been killed.

"There was very little blood," Boca Raton Ocean Rescue Capt. Clint Tracy told WPEC. "She was calm."

When responders secured the woman to a stretcher, the shark went to the hospital right along with her. 

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The woman is expected to be just fine. However, the same can't be said for the baby nurse shark, which Tracy said, up until now, had been a docile mainstay at this particular beach.

"It's a shark that's been in our park for some time," Tracy said. "And although we have compassion for the victim, we're also sad that the shark is not going to be there anymore."

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