Rowanne Brewer Lane Says She Was Flattered to Be Called 'A Stunning Trump Girl' at Pool Party

"They promised me multiple times that it would not be a hit piece, and clearly it was," she told IE.

A front page story in The New York Times about Donald Trump's dealings with women over the years has led to some backlash against the newspaper. 

One of the former models quoted in the story, which ran on The Times' front page Saturday, Rowanne Brewer Lane, is now blasting its reporters, claiming they were dishonest about what the story was supposed to be.

“I'm extremely upset. Basically, they lied to me,” she told Inside Edition. “They promised me multiple times that it would not be a hit piece, and clearly it was.”

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Brewer Lane, who dated Trump in 1990, says The Times distorted her words.

The newspaper ran a lengthy front-page story Saturday alleging Trump had made "unwelcome romantic advances" and indulged in "unsettling workplace conduct" and crude behavior in the past.

The Times report details a 1990 pool party at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida where Brewer Lane first met the real estate tycoon.

The newspaper says Trump had barely met her when he asked her to put on a swimsuit.

The Times wrote that the 26-year-old model put on the bikini and when she came out, Trump said, "wow."

The 44-year-old Trump was in the midst of a divorce from first wife Ivana.

Trump then took the young model to the pool and said, "that is a stunning Trump girl, isn’t it?," Brewer Lane told the Times.

The Times called the incident "a debasing face-to-face encounter."

But Brewer Lane says it was anything but, telling Inside Edition: "I told The Times that I was flattered by that comment, I was shocked and flattered."

She said she wasn’t offended and it was "the exact opposite of what they depicted." She added "I feel betrayed and deceived" by The New York Times.

Once they began dating, she says the billionaire was "gentlemanly."

“I never saw Donald be disrespectful to a woman, I met a lot of women when I was with Donald, a lot that worked with him, for him, and a lot that did not and he was very graceful to every one of them,” she told Inside Edition.

Another woman quoted in the story is a former Miss Utah, Temple Taggart.

According to the Times, Taggart was competing in the 1997 Miss USA pageant, and was "startled by how forward he was with young contestants like her."

"He kissed me directly on the lips. I thought, 'oh my God, gross,’” she told the paper.

"I think there were a few other girls that he kissed on the mouth. I was like, 'Wow, that's inappropriate.'"

Trump disputes the kissing claim.

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The two Times reporters who wrote the piece, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, appeared on CBS This Morning Monday.

"I think readers of the story can digest what happened to her [Brewer Lane]," Barbaro said.

Twohey said the motive of the article was "to go behind the scenes and examine how Trump has behaved with women in private. Not just in recent years, but going back to his days in the military school in the 1960s."

After backlash from Brewer Lane, Barbaro defended the story, saying: “There is not a single dimension to this story because there is not a single dimension to Donald Trump.”

Trump tweeted a barrage of responses, calling it a "failing" newspaper.

In a statement to Inside Edition, The New York Times said: "Ms. Brewer Lane was quoted fairly, accurately and at length. The story provides context for the reader including that the swimsuit scene was the 'start of a whirlwind romance' between Ms. Brewer Lane and Mr. Trump."

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