Does Video Of 1995 Mike Tyson Fight Show A Time Traveler Using a Smartphone?

That's what the Internet thinks.

There's something fishy about the footage from this 1995 Mike Tyson fight  a man sitting ringside appears to be filming the bout with a smartphone.

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A sea of smartphones recording an event may be common today, but back in 1995, it would have been a unique — and impossible  sight.

The internet went going wild with theories and headlines like: "video captures time travel" and "did time traveler film Tyson fight?"

But the mystery has now been solved. The device the spectator was holding was a Dycam Logitech camcorder – a primitive personal video recorder that was actually around in 1995.

Strange images of modern technology seeming to appear in vintage footage have appeared on the Internet before, sparking additional time travel theories.

In the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus, It showed a woman walking with what appeared to be a cell phone pressed against her head.

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In footage from 1938 of a woman standing outside a factory, it appears as if she is also holding a cell phone.

Someone claiming to be the woman's granddaughter reportedly said in 2013 that it was one of the first wireless phones and that she was part of the development. But others remain skeptical and say it's just a woman holding something up to her face.

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