Meet 9-Year-Old Former 'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star, Who's Now Worth $1.9 Million

Despite only being in elementary school, Isabella Barrett spends her days on shoots, shopping at Chanel and eating fresh lobster.

Meet Isabella Barrett, the 9-year-old 'Toddlers and Tiaras' star who is now worth $1.9 million.

Like any other girl her age, Isabella likes clothes and shoes  enough to have collected more than 60 pairs of footwear, and 14 Juicy Couture tracksuits, with emoji purses to match.

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Despite only being in elementary school, the Rhode Island girl spends her days on shoots, shopping at Chanel and eating fresh lobster. She has even produced two singles, with two more in the studio slated for release. 

According to her publicists, Isabella turned her reality show fame into a clothing and jewelry line, making her a self-made millionaire at just six years old.

"My fans love me," Isabella said about her legion of fans, according to Barcroft Media, "they tell me I’m really cool and just really pretty — there’s nothing not to like about being famous.”

Now, at just nine years old, Isabella is a stake holder in two of her companies, Glitzy Girl and Bound by the Crown, her mom said in a video by Barcroft Media.

"Kids love it because it's comfortable, and moms love it because it's couture," Isabella said in the video. "It's comfortable couture." 

"As far as what she’s worth tangible you know, it would probably be equal to several million dollars," her mom Susanna Barrett said. "As her money grows, we hope to invest it and make that grow as well for her."

"I consider myself a young entrepreneur," the former 'Toddlers and Tiaras' star said. 

After having won 55 crowns and 85 titles, she's even taken her modeling career from pageants to the catwalk, as she debuted her line at New York Fashion Week.

But, Isabella insisted that she's just "a normal kid," who sometimes misses gymnastics class to go on jobs and auditions.

"I never expected Bella to become so successful," her 42-year-old mom said. 

Despite criticism for allowing her daughter to perform onstage at a young age, Susanna said pageantry has always been a positive influence in her family's life. 

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"Look at Kim Kardashian and how she started," she said about helping her daughter turn her fame into an empire. 

Despite insisting that she spoils both her kids, Susanna insisted that she would never raise either daughter to behave improperly.

"I know everybody looks up to me which is a big responsibility," Isabella said. 

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