Killer Bees Swarm California Town, Killing 2 Dogs and Terrorizing Residents

Killer bees have swarmed a Northern California town, annoying the heck out of residents and killing two dogs.

Killer bees are terrorizing a Northern California town, where two dogs have died after being stung by the particularly aggressive swarms.

Concord resident Mike Malley was stung in the eye as he stood on his street talking to CBS News.

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Asked how many times he had been stung since the bee assault started a few days ago, Malley replied, “probably six, seven, eight, nine (times).”

And then he was stung on camera. He grabbed his eye. “Oh, now 10 times,” he said.

The first calls began coming in Friday, police said. And the complaints keep on coming.

Authorities believe an ordinary honeybee hive kept by an amateur beekeeper was taken over by killer bees.

Beekeepers are spraying neighborhoods and trying to eradicate the swarms, but it has so far done little to stop the bees' reign of terror.

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Mail carrier Melissa Weisner says she has been attacked.

“Climbing up my hair, all over my head. I was running and screaming,” she told CBS.

Police have barred pedestrians from some of the affected areas. 

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