Plea For Toddler's Kidney Donation Goes Viral After Parents Drive Around With Message on Car

After seeing an image of the car that has gone viral on Facebook, one woman commented: "Let us all B Positive for him!"

There may be hope for a 2-year-old boy in desperate need of a kidney, thanks to a viral photo of his parents' car.

Eddie Beal was born with only one low function kidney, for which he needs dialysis every night, his parents told CBS Los Angeles.

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Despite the nightly treatments and the efforts of his parents  who stay awake all hours of the night to care for him  Eddie is currently in end-stage kidney failure, and is in dire need for a living donor.

Suitable matches for Eddie must have blood type B+ or O+, be between the ages of 21 and 45, be under 5'8" in height, and do not have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the criteria disqualifies his parents, Edward and Hanyd Beal.

"All I can do is hold him, and watch over him, and pray it gets easier for him," his father said to CBS Los Angeles.

Because of revised regulations in California, the demand for kidneys are extremely competitive, and the family may have to wait at least three years for a match, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Since Eddie was just a few months old, his parents have been trying to come up with unique ways to get help for their son, whether that be through a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for costs, or writing the words, "TYPE B+ BLOOD. OUR BABY BOY NEEDS KIDNEY" in decals on the back of their car.

Though they started driving around town with the words on their car in October, one picture, by a woman who noticed their car in the Children's Hospital Los Angeles parking lot, quickly became the driving force behind the cause.

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Lori Jomsky shared the photo to Facebook, and within just days, the post received over 4,000 shares, and dozens of comments from people who are interested in donating.

"I will find out my blood type. I am pretty sure it's B+," one woman wrote.

Another even writes in encouragement: "Let us all B Positive for him!"

Since the post has been shared less than a week ago, the family said they have received more than 100 emails from people who are interested in helping the family.

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Jomsky wrote in her Facebook post that the parents said, "this has been an emotional roller coaster finding a donor, and (we) are extremely appreciative of all of you trying to take action to try to help (our) son."

To find out more about becoming a suitable donor to 2-year-old Eddie Beal, contact

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