Abandoned Bobcat Cub Rescued From Park, Thanks To Fearless Homeless Trio

A homeless woman who found the abandoned cub said, "I really never even thought about being scared. It was just so cute!"

A bobcat that was left abandoned in a California park was rescued, thanks to the fearlessness of three homeless people.

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Winda Bosquez, a homeless woman, told CBS Los Angeles that she saw the mother bobcat and her two cubs in the park, located in Riverside.

The mother got spooked, and only picked up one of the cubs as she scampered away.

The remaining cub was left at a river bottom, and Bosquez said the cub was squealing for help and being picked at by birds, prompting her to rescue the baby bobcat.

"I really never even thought about being scared, everybody's like it will tear you apart and eat you up, it never even dawned on me,” she said to CBS Los Angeles. “It was just a baby, it was so cute.”

Bosquez put the cub into her backpack and, along with two other homeless people, contacted Riverside County Animal Services.

Officer Lorena Barron-Lopez, who responded to the scene, said: "It was frightening because I didn’t know if it was going to bite me but it ran right into my cage. It was very scared."

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She said the three homeless people who rescued the bobcat told her, "there were crows and flies around it," and they didn't want to leave the animal to die.

But, Barron-Lopez said the bobcat is still very much a wild animal, and will remain in the care of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife until it is rehabilitated and ready to return to the wild.

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