'Babysitter Bandit' Robs Bank at Drive-Thru Window With 2 Small Children in Her Car: Cops

A babysitter robbed a bank accompanied by two young kids, police said.

A Colorado babysitter is in jail after police said she robbed a bank at its drive-thru window with her two young charges in the car.

Rachel Einspahr, 28, pulled up to Colorado East Bank & Trust in the small town of Severance and placed a note inside a transaction tube saying a man in her SUV was going to harm her kids if the teller didn’t hand over some cash, authorities said.

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“I think the teller was just worried about the children and wanted that person to be appeased,” Weld County Sheriff’s Cpl. Matt Turner told InsideEdition.com Tuesday.

The note said “Do not sound alarm, the man in the very back wants $100s and 50s … no dye packs or trackers … he has a gun on my kids,” according to court records obtained by CBS affiliate KCNC-TV.

The bank employee placed $500 in the vacuum tube and sent it over to the woman, who took the cash and drove away, Turner said.

Einspahr was arrested after deputies searching the area found her white SUV parked in front of a house, he said.

Little information was released about the children or their parents.

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“They’re small enough that they didn’t know what was going on,” Turner said.

They were not harmed in the alleged incident.

Einspahr told authorities she robbed the bank because she needed money to pay restitution in an unrelated theft case, the station reported, citing court documents. There had been no threatening man in her vehicle, authorities said.

The woman was arrested on charges of robbery and two counts of child abuse. She is being held at Weld County Jail and has not entered a plea. Her first court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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