Are TSA Agents Singling Out Attractive Women for Full Body Scans?

Are beautiful women being targeted for full body scans by the TSA? Some people, including Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico and our own Lisa Guerrero, think so. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Former Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico says she was singled out for the so-called "naked scan" by TSA agents, all because she is beautiful.

"The male TSA agent was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing at me. I was outraged." she said.

"They basically are just raping you in public," says Khloe Kardashian.

She actually compared what happened to her at the airport to rape. She told George Lopez she felt humiliated by a TSA agent after she refused a full boy scan and was patted down.

"They say, 'Okay, I'm going to be patting you down and I'm going to be touching the crease of your ass.' That is so inappropriate to me and they are so aggressive and forceful!"

Her sister, Kim Kardashian, was recently photographed submitting to a personal pat down at the airport.

Singer Fergie was selected for a body scan while tennis star Anna Kournikova chose to undergo a pat down instead.

All of these incidents happened at Los Angeles International Airport.

"I travel a lot, but I get selected a lot for secondary pat downs," says INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero.

Guerrero says she believes she's been singled out for special screenings.

"I want to be safe as a traveler, but I do feel that it's very strange I get picked as often as I do," she says.

So are women being selected based on their looks? Randy Parsons, the Director of Security at LAX, told INSIDE EDITION it's just not so. He says a computer chooses the passengers, not the TSA agents.

"The officers do not choose who goes through the machine and who doesn't. It's already predetermined," he told INSIDE EDITION.

A TSA spokesman said officers who view the images never see the passengers and "all passengers are treated with dignity and respect."