Trump Hits Back at Former Exec Who Slammed His Ego: 'So Much For a Nice Thank You'

Barbara Res, once a VP in The Trump Organization, was part of the New York Times story about Trump.

Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res has drawn the ire of her former boss after she was one of the women featured in a recent New York Times article about the GOP presidential candidate and his dealings with women.

Res, who was once head of construction for Donald Trump’s company, tells Inside Edition she will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

“He thinks he’s the greatest,” she said. “I think he has an incredible ego."

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She says his personality changed after his first marriage to Ivana Trump disintegrated.

“He started acting out and one of the things he did was he talked about women,” she said.

And not in a respectful way.

“He would talk about women’s anatomy and he would talk about all the women who were chasing him and how he wouldn’t have his problems if he wasn’t having all the sex he was having,” Res said.

Trump, expressing his displeasure, took to Twitter.

“I gave a woman named Barbara Res a top job in the construction industry when that was unheard of and now she’s nasty. So much for a nice thank you,” he posted.

Res said Trump also abused and humiliated employees.

“He yelled at them a lot,” she said. “He didn’t just yell at them, he demoralized them a little bit.”

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He would call both men and women “fat” or “ugly,” she said.

Trump says she is a disgruntled employee.

“What Barbara Res does not say is that she would call my company endlessly, and for years, trying to come back. I said no,” he tweeted.

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