Lowe and Behold! Venomous Snake in Tree Bites Hardware Store Customer: Report

A shopper at a North Carolina Lowe's location was reportedly bitten by a copperhead and rushed to the hospital on Monday.

A North Carolina customer of a home and garden store was rushed to the hospital on Monday after a venomous snake came out of a tree for sale and bit him on the arm, according to reports.

The unnamed customer was shopping at a Lowe's in Lincoln County when he said he was bitten on the arm by a copperhead that was in the tree.

He told NBC Charlotte that he was looking at the gardenias when the four-and-a-half foot snake struck.

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The victim was rushed to a hospital, where he remained on Tuesday. His condition has not been made public.

The East Lincoln Fire Department posted a Facebook photo of the snake inside a bag along with a warning that wildlife can still inhabit landscaping trees and shrubs.

The post has since been taken down but can still be seen in a cached version.

A Lowe's spokesperson said:

"Store employees called 9-1-1 and arranged for emergency personnel to take the customer to a local hospital. Once the customer had been attended to, the store employees searched the garden center to check for any other snakes."

The spokesperson said they aren't certain how the snake got into the location's garden center and that a pest control expert was called in to make sure the center was safe.

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No snake has been seen in the garden center since the Monday incident.

Copperheads are common in North Carolina and throughout the southeastern United States. 

A member of the pit viper family, the copperhead is venomous but not typically aggressive. Its bite is not usually fatal to healthy adults.

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