Bride Gets Dumped on Her Wedding Night After Refusing to Stop Texting: Reports

Memo to Saudi brides: Don't text like crazy on your wedding night.

The honeymoon was over before it began. 

A Saudi husband demanded a divorce on his wedding night because his new bride refused to get off her mobile phone, according to local reports.

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The trouble started when the newlyweds arrived at their hotel following the wedding. The bride was messaging with friends, who were congratulating her on getting married, according to the English-language Gulf News.

When her husband became amorous, she still wouldn't hang up. The bride became angry, according to Saudi daily Al Watan. The husband then asked if the wife's friends were more important than he was, and the new wife said yes, the paper reported.

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That's when the argument became heated and the groom stormed out, saying he was getting a divorce, the reports said.

The unhappy husband has filed a divorce petition and refuses to withdraw it.

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