Boyfriend Pops the Question Right in the Middle of Times Square

A New York City man asked his girlfriend to marry him in a romantic proposal at The Crossroads of the World.

A New York City man popped the question to his girlfriend with an over-the-top proposal, right in the middle of Times Square.

A.J. Hall, 29, a TV producer, said he went to great lengths to make sure the proposal would be a complete surprise to his girlfriend, Nicole Pagano, 29. He got her friends, family, and boss in on the planning.

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"Nicole is very good at sniffing out things," he told 

So Hall masterminded several events on Saturday night, the evening he proposed, so that she wouldn't have a clue. One plan included having her friend schedule an outing with a bunch of their friends that night. "I asked her to send an email to all her friends and set up a fake date night so she thinks we're all going out," he said.  

Her boss, also in on the plot, asked her to head to Times Square that same night to check out a promotional video on one of the big screens. She was bummed she had to work that night, Hall said. 

What she didn't know was that Hall had rented out one of the largest digital billboards to play a video he'd created just for her. While they were out that night, she slyly asked him, "Tonight's not going to be the night, is it? I would have gotten my nails done,'" said Hall. He flat-out said no, and she went along with it, he said. 

When they arrived at the big screen, the video turned out to be a sweet story of their relationship that included photos from some of their most memorable times. Meanwhile, Hall slowly pulled a ring out of his pocket. 

At the end of the video, a picture popped up of Hall holding a sign saying, "Marry Me?"

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Family members from both sides had been hiding in the crowd, waiting for the couple to arrive, and when Hall got down on one knee to propose, they all suddenly surrounded the adorable couple.

Pagano screamed out loud in excitement, and immediately said yes. "Her reaction was completely priceless. I don't think I could have surprised her any bigger or grander. It took a couple of months to plan, but it was worth it!" he said. 

"I've never seen her so excited in my life. She was crying, and full of excitement," he said. 

Asked if it was too soon to inquire about wedding plans, Hall laughed, saying, "The next day, she woke up at  6 a.m., and wanted to talk about it. I said, 'You have no idea what it took to plan that off. I need a day to chill out!'"

Hall said they're planning on getting married in New Jersey at the end of next year, around Christmas time, and are floating Bora Bora as a possible honeymoon destination. 

"I'm excited. It's been a whirlwind!" he said.  

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