Sarah Palin: From Barbara Walters to Wikileaks

Sarah Palin seems to be everywhere these days, from being interviewed by Barbara Walters, to hunting with Kate Gosselin, to making statements about Wikileaks. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

Barbara Walters gives Sarah Palin a second shot at that famous question from Katie Couric.

"Would you like to tell us what newspapers, magazines and books you're reading right now?" asked Walters.

Palin's fumbling response to Couric is widely seen as a turning point in the 2008 campaign. But this time, she was ready with a detailed response.

"I read a lot of, uh, C.S. Lewis when I want, uh, some divine inspiration. I read newsmags and the Wall Street Journal. That's one of those things, Barbara, where that issue that I don't read or that I'm not informed, it's one of those questions where I like to turn it around and ask the reporters, why would there be a perception that I don't read?"

And Palin faces a different kind of challenge on her TLC reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, when Kate Gosselin and her brood of 8 come for a visit. The mischievious little Gosselin's managed to rip a tongue from a bear rug in the Palin house.

Palin and a nervous Gosselin go to a shooting range, where Palin shows off her skills.

Meanwhile, Palin says she's coming under cyber attack by the followers of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. She says that hackers have tampered with her credit cards and her policial action committee, Sarahpac. 

Palin said in a statement, "This is what happens when you speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts."

And check out the elaborate underground bunker where the Wikileaks is headquartered. it's a cold-war era nuclear bunker and is said to have been modeled after the bunker seen in the James Bond movie, Moonraker.

Yesterday, the hackers shut down the web sites of Mastercard, Visa, and Amazon, among others.