Oprah's Special Christmas Gift to One Mom

Oprah Winfrey helps a journalist give his mom a very special Christmas gift that she'll never forget. INSIDE EDITION talks to the mother and son about the memorable gift.

Who better to ask than Oprah Winfrey for gift giving advice?

Colin Drummond from Alexandria, Virginia ran into the talk show queen during her recent visit to the nation's capitol for the Kennedy Center Honors. Colin mustered up the courage to ask the ultimate gift giver for advice on a Christmas gift for his mom.

"A favorite gift for my mom? What's the favorite gift for my mom?" asked Colin.

Oprah was intrigued and remembered an item from her recent Favorite Things show.

Oprah said, "A wonderful thing is the jewelry box I had on favorite things, a little red jewelry box."

"That's too expensive for me. She likes sentimental gifts," said Colin.

So, Oprah came up with a much less expensive gift, in fact, this one costs nothing!

"Okay, then this is the perfect gift for your mom. You do a list of your top ten reasons why you love her," said Oprah.

"And it's sentimental right, it's sentimental," said Colin.

INSIDE EDITION was there as Colin delivered his early Christmas gift to his mom, Phyllis Williams.

Colin said, "Ma, this is my top ten reasons why I love you."

Here are some of the reasons that made his list.

1. You make life look so easy.

2. You are the best listener a talker needs.

4. You have never pointed a finger at me right or wrong.

5. You still believe in me and any idea i come up with.

6. You're such a giver and you don't look to receive.

and last but not least, you are aging so beautifully."

But that's not all... Oprah had one more special gift for the woman she's never met. She said Colin's video tape, "Merry Christmas Phyllis. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year."