Former Miss Universe Accuses Donald Trump of Fat Shaming: 'He Called Me Miss Piggy'

Alicia Machado claims the GOP presidential frontrunner called her an "eating machine" after she gained weight.

A former Miss Universe claims she was publicly humiliated by Donald Trump, who called her "Miss Piggy" after she had gained some weight.

Alicia Machado, a Venezuela native, was crowned Miss Universe in 1996 when she was just 19 years old. She is among the women featured in the controversial New York Times story about Trump's dealings with women.

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She also believes the GOP frontrunner bullied her "all the time."

"For sure he is not a good person," Machado told Inside Edition.

In 1996, Trump had just taken over the Miss Universe pageant. His then wife, Marla Maples, was one of the hosts on the night Machado won the tiara.

But within a few months, she gained weight and rumors swirled that she could lose her crown.

Trump finally insisted that she lose weight, calling her "an eating machine" on Howard Stern's radio show. He took her to work out in a gym packed with media.

“She weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds and she went to 160 or 170. So this is somebody that likes to eat,” he said at the time.

Machado, who claims she actually gained closer to 15 pounds, told IE she felt publicly shamed. She said he called her “Miss Piggy." It made her feel “so fat” that it made her “very depressed," she said.

At the time Trump took Machado to the gym, he was asked by a reporter: “What happens if Marla gains this kind of weight? Would you drop her?”

“Well, I’d probably do the same thing with her,” he said. “I'd say 'start working out.' No, I wouldn't. Still a very interesting question.”

Machado went on to become a big star of telenovelas. She was also the first Miss Universe to pose for Playboy magazine in 2006. 

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The 39-year-old says her experience with Trump led to years of battling eating disorders and psychotherapy.

The single mom recently moved to Hollywood to work on two major projects in English and is about to sign with a major publisher to sell her memoir. She is also about to become an American citizen  just in time to vote in the presidential election.

But when asked if she would vote for Trump, she laughed.

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