Donna D'Errico Speaks Out Against the TSA Full Body Scan

Former Baywatch star and Playboy model Donna D'Errico is speaking out against those new TSA full body scans. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"You're just standing there [...] naked," says a steaming mad Donna D'Errico.

D'Errico speaks out for the first time against the so-called "naked scan" she says she was forced to endure at Los Angeles international Airport!
"There was no random selection!" she tells INSIDE EDITION.

The former Baywatch star and Playboy model doesn't believe for a second that she was chosen at random for the controversial security measure.

"I said to [the TSA agent], 'Why am I being selected out and none of these other people?' There were tons of people there. And he said, 'Because you caught my eye,' " she says.

And she didn't like what she says she saw when she looked back after the scan:  "The way they were talking and smiling at me and stuff, I just felt really invaded."

D'Errico wants an apology, and fears her past as a model might have played a part in her airport nightmare.
"Just because I posed nude for Playboy a long time ago doesn't mean that I'm just going to walk around naked the rest of my life!" she says.

The TSA acknowledged D'Errico's accusations but did not specifically address them.

The Director of Security at LAX told INSIDE EDITION a computer chooses the passengers for screening, not TSA agents.

"I couldn't help but think it was because he thought that I was pretty or something," D'Errico says.