Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Is Still Visiting Patients After Losing Medical License

Inside Edition got a glimpse into the life of Michael Jackson's doctor.

Despite losing his medical license following the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray continues to visit patients.

The doctor served two years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson, who died from an overdose of propofol, a surgical anesthetic, in June 2009.

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At Murray's 2011 trial, the judge called his treatment of Jackson a "disgrace to the medical profession" and, as a result of his conviction, Texas revoked his medical license. California also suspended his medical license.

But today, he still visits patients – and Inside Edition was there as he made a house call.

"Thank you very much," the patient, who recently underwent heart surgery, told Murray as they shared a hug.

Dr. Murray said he charges patients nothing for his services, and is not breaking the law because he is only providing a consultation, and does not prescribe medication or practice medicine, he said.

He also gave Inside Edition a glimpse into his life following jail.

The 63-year-old keeps a low profile and lives in a one-bedroom apartment in a luxury condo building near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He spends his days walking his dog, Sebastian.

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"I just want my privacy," he told IE’s Lisa Guerrero.

Three years after he was released from jail, Murray maintains his innocence in the King of Pop's death.

"I have lost a great deal," he said. "I've lost everything. Everything I've amassed has been taken from me as a result of an unjust verdict. I am and I remain an innocent man."

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