Jon Stewart Adopts Emaciated Pony Found Abandoned And Covered in Paintball Shots

The ex-'The Daily Show' host has an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, where a pony named Lily will live out her days in peace.

A once-emaciated pony that was found abandoned and covered in paintball markings has a new home, thanks to comedian Jon Stewart.

Lily, a white mare, was found in a New Holland Sales Stables in March. She'd been shot more than 100 times at close range with paintballs, was partially blind and apparently abandoned.

On Friday, the Rhode Island man prosecutors say abandoned Lily was found guilty of cruelty charges and fined nearly $15,000.

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Philip Price Jr., 65, was found guilty of 5 summary counts regarding his handling of Lily, who Price transported for auction from New Jersey to the stables where she was found.

A judge ordered Price to pay $3,056 in fines and $10,178 in restitution for Lily’s extensive recovery-care costs.

It hasn’t been determined how the paintball markings were made.

Lily was found at the auction site by Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue and has since been recovering at a Pennsylvania veterinary center.

On Friday, Smith posted some big news to Facebook.

"Today justice was found for Lily, so the next part of her journey will begin. Lily along, with our beloved Anita, are being adopted by the comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey," Kelly wrote.

"Now both will spend their lives with never having to be abused, neglected or unwanted. There will be an official press conference next Wednesday when the horses go to their forever home.
God is good!"

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Stewart and his animal advocate wife, Tracey McShane, own an animal rescue sanctuary in New Jersey and, according to the Lancaster County SPCA, paid a visit to Lily in April.

The couple have made headlines in the past, when they've come to the aid of other animals whose sad tales became viral news.

In April, the couple adopted a steer that managed to flee a truck bound for the slaughterhouse.

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