Prince Had Been Dead for Hours When He Was Found in His Home's Elevator: Report

A paramedic who responded to a 911 call from the music legend's Paisley Park home told cops Prince had been dead for hours when they arrived, reports say.

A new report about Prince's tragic end has revealed the music legend had been dead for several hours by the time help arrived.

A paramedic who responded to a desperate 911 call to the Paisley Park compound in Minnesota told cops and others at the scene that Prince Rogers Nelson appeared to have been dead at least six hours when he arrived, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

In the days before his death, Prince had received emergency treatment for opioid overdose and later an intravenous treatment at a local hospital, according to the report.

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On April 20, the day before Prince was found dead, a member of his staff reportedly called someone who'd recently worked with the musician to seek advice about how he could be helped.

A chain of phone calls in the 12 hours before Prince died led to California opioid addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld. Kornfeld reportedly sent his son to Paisley Park when he was unable to clear his own schedule.

His son, Andrew Kornfeld, was the voice on a 911 call made before 10 a.m. on April 21 after he and two of Prince's confidantes found his body inside an elevator at Paisley Park.

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"We have someone who is unconscious," Kornfeld said, according to the transcript released by the Carver County Sheriff's Office.

According to the new report, however, Prince was long gone. 

While reports have claimed there were painkillers found in the elevator with Prince and that Percocet was found in his bloodstream, toxicology results are still pending and no cause of death has been made official.

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