Up-and-Coming Designer Found Dead in Trendy Manhattan Hotel

A beautiful swimsuit designer was found dead at New York's exclusive Soho House and police have questioned the son of Oscar®-winner Joseph Brooks. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Fashion designer Sylvie Cachay was found dead in the bath tub at an exclusive Manhattan hotel.

Her 26-year-old boyfriend Nick Brooks, son of an Oscar®-winning songwriter, is being questioned by police.

The chic Soho House is in a trendy district of lower Manhattan. It's part exclusive club, part hotel. Cachay's body was found in a bathtub after guests in rooms below complained that water from the overflowing tub was leaking through the ceiling.

Cachay was reportedly still wearing a t-shirt and black panties and appeared to have been strangled.

She was a rising star in the fashion business. She designed sexy swimwear for Victoria's Secret, before breaking out with her own signature line, SYLA.

"I love it and I'm not giving up on my dream and I'll just keep going and keep fighting," she said in a video obtained by INSIDE EDITION.

A childhood friend spoke to INSIDE EDITION via Skype.

"I feel like this is a horror movie and that these things don't happen in real life and then they do and it's just shocking and it's been hard to digest," said Leila Antakly.

Friends say she began dating Brooks last summer and it was a tempestuous relationship. He is the son of songwriter Joseph Brooks, who won an Oscar® in 1978 for the song "You Light Up My Life." It became a hit for singer Debby Boone.

Now 71, the elder Brooks is facing his own legal drama, awaiting trial after being charged with sexually assaulting four aspiring actresses last year.

His son has not been accused in Cachay's death. He told police they checked in together and she was alive when he left for a drink.  

The exclusive Soho House was featured on an episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha pretends to be a member so she can use the rooftop pool.