Woman Helps Cops Nab Well-Known Acting Coach Accused of Sexually Assaulting Her

Jordyn Ladell says she suffered abuse at the hands of acting coach Cameron Thor, whom she trusted as a father figure.

A former actress has helped police bring a well-known acting coach to justice after she claimed he sexually assaulted her when she was just 13 years old. 

Jordyn Ladell is speaking out about her ordeal after actor Elijah Wood said that child actors are regularly "preyed upon" by "vipers" in Hollywood. The interview ran in the British Sunday Times this weekend.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Ladell recalled how she trusted her acting coach, Cameron Thor, like he was her own father, but he turned her world upside down.

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“It's been seven years of no sleep, nightmares, just like terrified,” she said. “He molested me, he raped me. He did everything inappropriate with me.”

Incredibly, Ladell was invited by cops to witness his 2014 arrest after she helped investigators nab him in a sting operation.

Thor reportedly taught A-list celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Madonna, and appeared as an actor in films like Jurassic Park and A Few Good Men.

Now 20, Ladell says the 56-year-old instructor, who was married and a dad himself, gained her trust by giving her free acting classes and offering to buy her braces.

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret asked: “Do you believe Cameron Thor groomed you to molest you?”

“Yes. I do,” she responded. “At the time I trusted him. He was like my dad. I’m just like, 'he loves me like a daughter.'”

In March 2009, he took her for a drive in the Hills above Los Angeles that she says quickly turned terrifying.

Ladell was 13 years old at the time. She said she smoked marijuana with Thor, and he threatened her, forced her to remove her clothes and molested her.

Months would pass before she could reveal the shocking secret to her parents.

Her mother, Pattie, told Inside Edition: "I was so mad. I just thought, 'what a scum bag. What a pig to do that.'"

Her father, Dean, said: “It was the most horrific thing I’d ever heard in my life, let alone happening to my daughter.”

Haunted by her ordeal, the former high school cheerleader waited years to go to police.

When she finally did, detectives said they needed more evidence. She agreed to call him and cops secretly recorded their conversations.

She said she was “terrified” wearing a wire to record the conversations.

"I was shaking so bad I couldn't even hold my phone. It was bad," she said.

In one call, she asked Thor: "Did you know the first time I smoked was with you?""

"Oh, that's really funny. I feel terrible," he replied.

She asked: "Why do you feel terrible?"

"I'm a terrible, corrupting influence," he said.

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In another recording, Thor said he wanted to have sex with Ladell, which prosecutors used to help convict him of one count ofcommitting a lewd act on a minor. All other charges were dismissed. 

"I've always had this mad desire to f*** you," he admitted in a call.

She asked: "You have?"

"Yeah, which is a really sort of direct way to put it," he said.

His lawyer, famed defense attorney Mark Geragos, was still arguing his client's innocence at his sentencing in April.

"With all due respect to the entire criminal justice system they got it wrong this time,” he said.

The judge sentenced Thor to six years in prison.

“I don't even know what emotions I’m feeling. Just excited and relieved," Ladell said.

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