How to Pick Out the Best Bikini for Your Body Type this Summer

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, style expert Jene Luciani shows you how to pick out the best bikini for the summer.

Summer is just around the corner, and now's the time to make sure you have the perfect bikini that compliments your body type while turning heads at the beach.

"Everyone can rock a great bikini but "it's all about getting what's right for you," style expert Jene Luciani said.

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For those with a curvy figure, Luciani advises to choose a bikini with underwire support and a pattern that accentuates your assets.

For the athletic bikini shopper, Luciani knows just the trick.

"If you’re looking to add more curves a great option is to choose a bikini that has a built-in bra,” she said.

For the hourglass figure, she found a bikini from Land’s End that has shapewear built into these trendy high-waisted bottoms.

“High-waisted bottoms are so in right now, and they have built-in shapewear so they smooth you out and shape you up in all the right spots,” she said.

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Luciani, the author of Get It, says once you have the right bikini  make sure you strike the right pose.

"You want to make sure you have good posture, so the best thing to do is, stick your chest out, act as if you’re squeezing a pea, and arch your back and stick your booty out a little bit,” she said.

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