INSIDE EDITION Takes You Inside the Country's Busiest Restaurant

INSIDE EDITION cameras got a tour inside the kitchen of one of the country's busiest restaurants, Tao in Las Vegas, to find out what it takes to serve 1,500 people a night.

It's the busiest restaurant in the country! The Tao Asian Bistro at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas serves a staggering 1,500 meals a night.

How do they do it? The Tao allowed our cameras inside their kitchen for a rare look at how they get ready for one of the biggest shows on the strip.

Starting at the crack of dawn, an assembly line of workers chops the vegetables, peels the shrimp, and boils the soup. They go through 50 pounds of rice, 500 pounds of lettuce and bok choy and 60 Peking ducks and thousands of dim sum dumplings made from scratch.

"This is our dim sum crew which makes our dumplings. We serve about 2,500 pieces of dumpling a day," said Executive chef Michael Armstrong.

Armstrong oversees the kitchen staff of 90. He's like a traffic cop, directing the flow of orders and making sure each dish is prepared to perfection.

"All night long, I'm eating and tasting the food," Armstrong said.    
Armstrong tastes everything before it goes out to the table. And yes, he tosses the spoon or the chopsticks after he has a bite.

The plates get a last minute wiping before an army of waiters rushes the food out to the dining room where the hungry crowd awaits.

After the last dish is washed, they start all over again to get ready for another night of haute cuisine on the hot Las Vegas strip.