Miley Cyrus Does Business as Usual After Bong Controversy

Miley Cyrus was spotted at a football game over the weekend after video surfaced of her appearing to be smoking salvia from a bong. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's Miley Cyrus looking unfazed by the uproar over that video of her smoking out of a bong.

Miley surfaced at the New Orleans Saints football game Sunday, where her VIP status earned her a meet-and-greet with Saints head coach Sean Payton. Miley is in the Big Easy to shoot a new movie.

Her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, is going public with his disapproval, tweeting "I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

He and Miley's mom are in the middle of a divorce, as rumors swirl that they disagree about disciplining Miley.

In a version of the video, obtained by INSIDE EDITION that is much clearer than the video sweeping the internet, Miley can be seen inhaling on a bong, which reportedly was filled with a powerful hallucinogenic herb called salvia, at a celebration for her 18th birthday.

On the video, Miley says, "I'm having a little bit of a bad trip."

A friend says, "Really?"

She then collapses in hysterical laughter and starts speaking in jibberish, and then says, "I want more of that (expletive deleted)."

At one point, she's freaked out by how much someone on TV looks like her ex-boyfriend, Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth, saying, "Is that my boyfriend? He looks so much like Liam. Is that me tripping?"

So who videotaped Miley?

On the video, someone is heard saying, "I'm just going to document the (expletive deleted) out of this right now."

The video was shot by a friend, who is said to be claiming that somebody stole it from her cell phone.

Joy Behar said on The View, "Maybe Miley released it herself."

Sherri Shepherd said on The View, "If she's trying to get away from Hannah Montana, then I think she's doing a very good job."

Sales of the herb salvia have jumped since the video hit the web. According to one report, customers are asking Los Angeles area shops for "the stuff Miley was smoking."

Salvia divinorum has been found to have some hallucinogenic effects, and its use is banned in a number of states. But it is legal for adults in California, where that video of Miley was shot.