Brad Pitt Springs Into Action to Rescue Young Girl Nearly Crushed to Death by Crowd

The 'Fight Club' star came to the rescue after seeing a young girl in distress in Spain.

Brad Pitt came to the rescue of a young girl who was nearly crushed to death by a mob of rowdy fans in Spain.

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Pitt, who was taking a break from filming the World War II drama Allied in the city of Gran Canaria, met the crowd of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the star.

One face in the crowd caught the 52-year-old’s attention – a little girl pressed against a security fence.

Pitt pointed at the girl and rushed to her rescue. He also did his best to calm the unruly crowd.

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He told 11-year-old Claudia, “it’s okay,” as he and security helped her over the fence. He comforted the girl until a medical team arrived to make sure she was all right.

Allied will arrive in theaters in November.

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