Little Dog Named Bubba, Found 'Lethargic' From Meth and Heroin Use, Has Finished Detox

Bubba, a tiny terrier, was found in a motel room where police were busting his drug-addled owner, authorities say.

Little Bubba has been sprung from California rehab.

The tiny terrier, who was found "lethargic" in a motel room before testing positive for meth and heroin, has successfully detoxed and is now a happy, playful pup.

It was Bubba's first step toward a brand new life after police in Orange County said they found him while busting his owner at a Tustin motel room back in March.

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Owner Joshua West faces possible charges of  animal cruelty as well as drug offenses after police say they discovered heroin and needles at the time of his arrest.

Tests of Bubba's blood have since reportedly come back positive for both methamphetamine and heroin.

Bubba was taken to OC Animal Care to get clean and has since become an adorable ball of energy.

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If the Orange County District Attorney files charges against West, the dog can be officially put up for adoption.

In the meantime, at least 15 potential owners have lined up for a chance to adopt the bubbly pup.

According to CBSLA, Bubba will await his new life at one of the five rescue organizations that have offered to care for him. 

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