Plane Passenger Records Woman's Bizarre Meltdown Outside Cockpit: 'Are We About to Crash?'

A woman's intense breakdown on Denver-to-Portland flight caught on tape.

Some people just shouldn't fly.

A Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Portland, Oregon, had to turn back before takeoff when a female passenger became totally undone, authorities said.

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The woman launched herself from her seat as the plane taxied and threw herself on the floor outside the cockpit. A fellow passenger captured the freakout on his cell phone.

In the footage, the woman is seen screaming and pounding her feet. "Are we about to die?" she wails.

A flight attendant calmly says "No," and instructs the woman to stay where she is.

She begins hitting the cockpit door and surrounding walls. "We're not crashing. We're not crashing. We're not crashing," she rants.

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The passenger said he stopped filming when the woman began taking off her clothes. 

The plane returned to the gate and the woman was escorted off before the flight resumed.

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