6-Month-Old Girl Becomes World's Youngest Water Skier

The six-month-and-27-day-old Zyla water skied in the Winter Haven, Florida waters earlier this week, making her the youngest water skier in history.

She may not be able to crawl or walk, but give her a pair of water skis and this baby will fly. 

Zyla St. Onge — at 6 months and 27 days old — has become the youngest person ever to water ski, doing so in the waters of Winter Haven, Florida, earlier this week.

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In a video from the World Barefoot Center shared with InsideEdition.com, Zyla could be seen grasping onto a bar fastened on the skis, instead of the usual handle, as she was pulled behind a boat for a whopping 686.4 feet.

"Good girl, Zyla!" her father said with the child in his arms after the successful glide, as other people on the boat and in the water could be heard cheering her on.

According to Ashley Stebbeings from the World Barefoot Center, Zyla water skied a speed of 7 miles per hour, a reduced speed from the average 20 or 30 miles per hour.

To prepare, Stebbeings said they first did dry runs in the sand. Then they practiced in the pool.

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Finally, when they were ready to take it to Lake Silver, Stebbeings said they took every precaution. They invited skiers and safety officers, who were at the facility for a tournament that weekend, to swim around the path she would water ski so they would be able to grab her in a moment's notice in case she fell.

They also fashioned her a flotation device, and created a bar that would be easier for her to hang on to, rather than the handle most water skiers use.

"I don't think it could have been any safer than it was," Stebbeings told InsideEdition.com.

Stebbeings said the World Barefoot Center does not have limits on how old a person must be to water ski, and that it was usually up to the parents discretion.

Of course, the decision was well in the hands of parents Keith, a two-time barefoot water skiing world champion and part owner of the World Barefoot Center, and Lauren St. Onge, a professional show water skier.

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According to Stebbeings, the previous record holder was only two days older than the 6-month-27-days-old Zyla.

Parks Bonifay from Pensicola, Florida, broke the record in 1982 and went on to become a professional wake boarder in the 90s.

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