Teen With Severely Scarred Skin From Burns Named Prom Queen: 'I Feel Good About Myself'

After surviving a house fire that left her with devastating scars, this teen has discovered inner beauty.

A teen who nearly died when her home caught fire two years ago has bounced back from a long an arduous recovery process to be been named prom queen.

Kilee Brookbank was left severely scarred after a gas leak sparked a blaze in her Ohio home in November 2014.

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Her mother Lori said the family dog, Digger, saved her daughter’s life. Kilee was burned over 45 percent of her body and spent the next 38 days in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries.

Today, her legs, arms, and back are covered with scars that tell an inspiring tale of courage and survival.

“I felt lucky I could have been hurt a lot worse,” Kilee said. “Both of my arms are complete skin grafts.”

She added: “I never really thought I’d want to be in a dress again. I just didn’t think I’d be comfortable in my own body,” she told Inside Edition.

But Kilee has persevered, and despite the tough recovery and scarring, she is donning a sleeveless gown for her prom.

As she posed for photos with her boyfriend, Dylan, she said: “I feel good about myself.”

Dylan, who has been by her side through the whole situation said she is “the most beautiful girl” he has ever seen.

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The courageous teen even penned an inspirational book, Beautiful Scars. Her dramatic survival story was featured on the TV’s The Doctor's where she got a surprise visit from Justin Bieber.

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