'Biggest Loser' Champ Defends Show Amid Pill-Pushing and Sabotage Claims

Ali Vincent says she has nothing but high regard for "The Biggest Loser" after she dropped 112 pounds on the program.

A Biggest Loser champion is coming to the defense of the weight-loss competition in the face of serious accusations about diet pills and sabotage.

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Ali Vincent won season five of The Biggest Loser, going from 234 pounds to 122 pounds.

“It was an amazing experience,” she told Inside Edition. “Absolutely changed my life, without a doubt.”

She discussed the claims made by Season 2 contestant Suzanne Mendonca who said she was asked to take baking soda so she would retain water, sabotaging her chances of winning.

Mendonca told Inside Edition earlier this week: “Being on the show was hands down the biggest mistake of my life.”

Vincent has fired back at Mendonca’s comments saying: “It makes me mad. It makes me feel sad. It is like a big family and it is like a big slap in the face of The Biggest Loser.”

It's also been alleged that some Biggest Loser contestants were given banned diet pills.

Season seven's Joelle Gwynn claims she was told "take this drug, it'll really help you." The Biggest Loser claims it never happened.

Gwynn’s former partner on the show, Carla Triplett, told Inside Edition that she never saw anyone from the show hand any contestant diet pills.

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“Not one time did she disclose to me that she was offered drugs, that she even took drugs and she had plenty of opportunity to do so,” she said.

Triplett also says she has warm feelings towards the NBC show and its resident doctor, Robert Huizenga.

“NBC has been nothing but gracious to me, and I appreciate it, Dr. Huizenga, the cast, the crew, everyone at The Biggest Loser,” she said.

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