Planes, Trains and Aggravation: 38 Million People Expected to Travel This Memorial Day Weekend

The skies and roads will not have seen this many travelers in a decade, so in order to prepare, be sure to pack your patience.

A projected 38 million Americans will be traveling on Memorial Day weekend due to low gas prices and cheap airfares, according to AAA.

“Americans are eagerly awaiting the start of summer and are ready to travel in numbers not seen in more than a decade,” said Marshall Doney, AAA President and CEO. “The great American road trip is officially back thanks to low gas prices, and millions of people from coast to coast are ready to kick off summer with a Memorial Day getaway.”

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In order to prepare, be sure to pack your patience.

Since airfares to top destinations are 26 percent cheaper than last year, travelers are stockpiling at airports.

At Newark International Airport in New Jersey, passengers are urged to arrive three hours before departure because of long TSA lines.

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Inside Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, passengers have been waiting in long lines that are making headline news, and causing a stir on social media.

Inside New York's JFK Airport, travelers are also facing lengthy lines.

Irritated travelers are using the #IHateTheWait hashtag on social media to vent their frustration.

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