Meet #PrisonBae, the Woman Whose Flawless Mugshot Seems to Absolve Her of All Crime

Sarah Seawright from Little Rock, Arkansas, was taken into custody for failing to appear in court following an arrest for careless driving.

Meet Sarah Seawright, the #PrisonBae whose mugshot is taking the Internet by storm.

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#PrisonBae, known to some as the Arkansas woman behind the grippingly attractive mugshot, was taken into custody late April for failing to appear in court following an arrest for careless driving, Fox 29 reported.

But it seems the Twitterverse is less interested in what put her behind bars  many can't seem to get past her flawless mugshot.

Her fame has even caught the attention of former football player Chad Ochocinco Johnson, who replied that she should "sit & think about her mistakes like I did," when he was asked to pay her bail.

And, she seems to be loving the attention.

"Trending topic status," she wrote on Facebook, accompanying a screenshot of a hip hop artist retweeting her photo.

Her Twitter timeline is also filled with retweets of her news coverage.

The trending mugshot, however, was only perfected in its second take.

She was also arrested in 2012, where she was found guilty of hindering apprehension and prosecution and given five years probation, although her Twitter fans have been popularizing her charges for aggravated robbery, first-degree battery, kidnapping, hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence, as first reported by Fox16.

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With her newfound Internet fame, the Southern belle seems have stolen the title of best looking mugshot from Jeremy Meeks, who has now found a career in modelling following a shockingly attractive 2014 mugshot that also took the internet by storm.

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