Moms Who Lost Children in Active Duty Share What Memorial Day Means to Them

"It is not barbecues, it is not hot dogs, it is not a family get-together," said a Gold Star mom, whose son died in active duty.

Memorial Day is more than a long weekend spent relaxing by the beach.

Two moms, recognized with Gold Star status in acknowledgement to their sons who lost their lives in active duty, have shared what Memorial Day means to them.

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"It is not barbecues, it is not hot dogs, it is not a family get-together," Gold Star mom Linda Schumann said in an interview with HooplaHa. "It is a solemn holiday."

She said her son, Jordan Schumann, who was a military policeman stationed in Honsfeld, Germany, particularly loved celebrating the Fourth of July.

"He was killed on the 5th of July," she said.

Karen Zook, also recognized with Gold Star status, remembers her heroic son, Ian Zook, for volunteering for a more dangerous mission in Iraq.

The Marine took the lead as their team was ambushed, and three anti-tank mines detonated under him.

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In appreciation for all the moms whose children have lost their lives serving their country, mommy blogger Lyette Reback hosted a special Memorial Day dinner called, "Not for Nuthin."

She invited both Gold Star moms and moms of civillian children to share a day in remembrance of the Americans who died for the country.

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