Mom-of-Two Killed By Fire Ants While Planning Her Own Mother's Funeral

Kalyn Rolan was killed May 20 while planning her mother's funeral when she was attacked and bitten by fire ants in Alabama. She was highly allergic.

An Alabama mother of two was tragically killed last week by fire ants just a day after her own mother died.

Kalyn Rolan died outside Selma on May 20 after she sat on a bale of hay and was reportedly swarmed by the insects.

Rolan was severely allergic, according to her family. She died in her husband's arms before help could arrive.

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Just a day before the tragedy, Rolan's mother succumbed to a long illness. According to reports, Rolan was speaking to someone about the funeral plans when she met her own sad end.

According to her family, Rolan had an allergic reaction to the ants and had no epipen. She died at the scene.

An autopsy was ordered and results are expected soon. Rolan's was reportedly Alabama's first fire ants death in several years despite deaths from the stings of other insects being relatively common.

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Meanwhile, Rolan's family had to bury two of its members. A joint funeral was held Thursday in Selma for Rolan, 29, and her 53-year-old mother Roberta Lynn Duke.

Rolan leaves behind two young children and her husband.

A GoFundMe page has been created in Rolan's name to help cover her funeral costs and support her husband and children.

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