Disgruntled Man Pays Speeding Ticket With 22,000 Pennies

Brett Sanders of Frisco, Texas believes he was unfairly given a $220 speeding ticket, so he made a dramatic video of him paying up in small change.

A Texas man who was found guilty of speeding after contesting a ticket has taken out his anger by paying the fine with about 22,000 pennies.

In a dramatic video he created to document his vengeful act with small change, Brett Sanders of Frisco is seen going to the extra effort of branding his buckets with the slogans "Policing for profit" and "Extortion money."

"It felt good to stick it to the man," he told Inside Edition. "I decided to not only pay with pennies but to clog the system. I wanted to make a point."

"I'm not a big fan of extortion," Sanders explains in the video he posted to YouTube. "I was convicted by a jury for driving 39 in a 30 and was subject to $212 at the barrel of a gun."

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In his 5-minute video, Sanders then fills up the buckets with pennies using a shovel before hauling them down to a county clerk to pay the fine.

As the camera rolls, Sanders lifts up his buckets one after the other and dumps the hundreds of dollars in pennies on the desk.

The clerk, unsurprisingly, looks displeased.

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“It felt great. It really felt great,” Sanders told NBC Chicago, who reported that the clerk's employees used a local CoinStar machine to count the change.

It took them three hours. By the end of it, it apeared Sanders had overpaid by $7.81.

He said the clerk's office could keep the extra.

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