Hasta Luego! Students Bid Farewell to Spanish Teacher With Montage of His Morning Greetings

Two seniors wanted to give their favorite teacher a parting gift.

Students at a high school in Kansas said adios to their Spanish teacher and sent him off with a parting gift that is going viral.

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The class made a montage of Turner High School teacher Andrew Ward saying “buenos dias” — Spanish for "good morning"  to students each day as he entered class.

Since March, two of his seniors, Bella Gordillo and Taylor Rios, have been secretly recording him and edited a video stringing each day's greeting together.

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Ward had no idea that his kids were recording him and was so touched by the gesture that he shared it on Facebook, where it has been seen more than 366,000 times.

He wrote: “I was unaware they were capturing my goofiness. I realized after watching this – That I need to buy more shirts.”

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