Soap and Glory: Behind the Scenes of 'The Young and the Restless'

Jim Moret prepares for his guest starring role on the Emmy-winning soap opera.

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret went behind the scenes of The Young and The Restless as he appeared in an episode of the Emmy Award-winning soap opera.

The reporter was on set for a guest-starring role on the series... as a reporter.

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Moret was taken into hair and makeup, wardrobe and rehearsal. The show, which has been on the air for more than four decades, is a well-oiled machine and Moret was nervous he would get something wrong.

He turned to veteran actress Mishael Morgan, who stars as Hilary Curtis on the show, for a pep talk who said the key to the whole process is knowing the lines.

In Moret’s big scene, one of the main characters has just announced he's started drinking again, prompting the Inside Edition reporter to ask: “Are those issues related to your son Devon marrying your former wife. Did that drive you to drink?"

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Moret was praised by Jack Abbott himself, Peter Bergman, who said: “You pulled one out of the hat. That was quite a performance.”

The episode featuring Moret will air Wednesday, June 1.

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