Get a Load of This Guy: Man Tries to Fix A Washing Machine, Gets His Head Stuck Inside It

While washing machine is running, man jams his head into it.

That had to hurt both his head and his pride.

A man in China got his entire head stuck in a washing machine as he was trying to fix it while it was still running, authorities said. 

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When his roommates couldn't free him, they called the fire department.

It took firefighters 40 minutes to get him out of the contraption. Ultimately, they were forced to use a circular saw to free his head, the South China Morning Post reported.

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The crew covered the man from the neck down, lest his clothes catch on fire or his skin become burned by showering sparks from the saw chewing through the machine's metal casing.

The unidentified man from Fuqing in Fujian province suffered only minor head injuries.

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