Trump University Debacle Is a Problem That Won't Go Away as New Documents Are Unsealed

It's a problem that likely GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump can't seem to shake.

New documents have been released in the lawsuit against Trump University, revealing how salespeople were given detailed how-to instructions on recruiting students for as much as $36,000.

It's the latest development in a long legal saga plaguing likely Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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"You must be very aggressive," a passage from the playbook reads. "If they complain about the price, remind them that Trump is the best.”

Donald Trump blasted the lawsuit at that combative news conference Tuesday and went after reporters covering his campaign.

On the Trump University lawsuit, the GOP front runner said: "I could settle it. I don’t want to."

He also ripped the federal judge who unsealed the documents, calling him "unfair."

James Aubrey Harris was an instructor at Trump University, which set up shop at hotels around the country.

“I was hired to speak to motivate,” he told Inside Edition. “I was not licensed. I was not a real estate broker, you don’t need to be. We would do a free two-hour presentation  then if they wanted to continue, they would do 3 day courses.”

The courses started at $1,500.

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Then, students were offered the "Trump Gold Package"  a series of seminars and mentorships that cost $36,000.

Harris told Inside Edition he was unsure of how much money he exactly generated but says it was in “the millions.”

“I didn’t know who was gonna succeed,” he admitted. “I was paid to promote the heck out of these programs and I was phenomenal at it.”

Harris added: “People wanted to do this. You're not gonna make everybody happy.”

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