Chase Suspect Nearly Killed as He Takes Refuge in Hot Tub While Trying to Evade Cops | Inside Edition

Chase Suspect Nearly Killed as He Takes Refuge in Hot Tub While Trying to Evade Cops

The suspect clearly chose the wrong place to hide as he sought refuge following a high-speed chase.

A high-intensity police drama unfolded, right in their own backyard.

A pair of California homeowners were shocked as a police suspect was found hiding in their backyard Jacuzzi after a high-speed chase.

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Don and Lynn Norell recorded the suspect on their Anaheim property.

"When I saw that guy in the Jacuzzi my heart rate raised a million times it was beating that fast," Don told Inside Edition. 

At first, they feared he had died but Erick Flowers, 29, had actually just passed out in the 100-degree water.

On Tuesday, cops say they were pursuing Flowers on the freeway after Placentia police attempted to stop him in a Ford Mustang. The car kept going and eventually a man jumped from the car and the driver, Flowers, kept going and crashed his vehicle.

He fled on foot and then hopped a fence, entering the Norell's backyard and hid in their covered Jacuzzi for about 30 minutes, somehow surviving with only a small pocket of air to breathe.

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"When they opened this up, he was just laying there. There is a small area to lay your head," Don said.

Flowers came to after being hit with a blast of fresh air.

The frightened homeowners can't believe this all unfolded in their yard.

"Nothing goes on like this around here. It is a pretty quiet neighborhood," Don said. 

Flowers was booked for on multiple charges including evading police and possession of stolen property.

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