Cliff Lee Snubs the Yankees

Star pitcher Cliff Lee snubbed the Yankees in favor of a less lucrative contract with the Philadelphia Phillies and some are wondering if it's because Yankees fans spit on his wife during the World Series playoffs. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Has baseball wife Kristen Lee gotten revenge on the Yankees fans who spat on her?

That's the question swirling today after Kristen's husband, hot-as-a-pistol pitcher Cliff Lee, snubbed the Yankees and reached a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, even though he'll make significantly less money.

Lee's decision comes seven weeks after his wife Kristen and other Texas Ranger wives were spat on and had beer thrown at them during the playoffs at Yankee stadium.

Lee was offered a $150 million deal with the Yankees, but he has turned it down in favor of a $120 million contract with the Phillies. That's $30 million less in the long term, even though the Phillies deal pays more per year.

Many are now asking if Lee snubbed the Bronx Bombers as payback for his wife being ill-treated.

Yankees fans are up in arms over losing out to the Phillies. Wrote one blogger: "...if you were one of those fans who did spit and throw beer at Lee's wife, don't bother ever coming to Yankee Stadium again."

Yankees fans are known for their sometimes-rowdy ways, but Phillies supporters are no strangers to objectionable behavior!

Even so, Robin Lundberg, a reporter for 1050 ESPN New York thinks Cliff Lee's decision could be an act of gallantry to his affronted wife.

"That incident could have totally marred New York for him. Who goes back for repeat spittings?" joked Lundberg.