Mom Shocked as She Delivers Baby Boy - After Doctor and Ultrasound Said It Would Be a Girl

Photo perfectly captures moment mother realizes she is having a boy and not a girl.

This picture is worth four words all in caps: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The look on Koto Nadamura’s face when she learned she had given birth to a boy — and not the girl she had been expecting for nine months — was perfectly captured by her birth photographer.

Australian shooter Jes Jackson has documented plenty of births, but she doesn’t expect to ever capture another image like Nadamura’s look of utter shock.

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“I knew I had managed to capture the image,” Jackson told  But with all the excitement, laugher and cheering, she worried “it might not have been in focus. “

It was the first photo she opened when she began editing her collection of images from the event.

"I was so relieved to see how amazing it was,” she said. “I knew it would make people laugh and make an awesome 'caption this' shot."

Nadamura and her husband, Sina Niakansafy, had been told they were having a girl. They had plenty of pink shower gifts. They had picked out the name Hinata.

Early in Nadamura’s labor, her midwife had told a story about another client who had been told she was carrying a girl, only to deliver a boy.

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"Ha, ha, ha," laughed Nadamura, her husband, their family and Jackson.

So when the doctor said “It’s a boy,” everyone thought he was making a joke.

He wasn’t.

“The excitement in the room and the cheering in Japanese coming from Koto’s mom is a moment I will never forget,” Jackson said.

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