Shaqtin-A-Fool: Shaquille O'Neal Punks Passengers by Posing as Lyft Driver

The NBA legend surprised everyone he picked up.

Shaquille O'Neal has gone from picking up rebounds to picking up passengers.

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A few unsuspecting Lyft passengers in Atlanta got the surprise of a lifetime when the former NBA champ picked them up for a ride. However, the 15-time all-star was in disguise.

O’Neal wore various costumes for his passengers as he drove around in an SUV for the car service's “Undercover Lyft” series.

In one instance, he was dressed in leather. In another, a nerd. He also donned a Rasta costume and entertained the entire trip. In many cases, the 7-foot-1-inch TV personality wore phony facial hair to enhance the disguise.

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While clueless passengers engaged in conversation with the former Los Angeles Laker, he rapped with some and sang with others.

Once they reached their destination, he took off the costumes and revealed who he really was. All were shocked and surprised when they discovered the NBA legend was driving them around.

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