Boy, 6, Calls Cops on Dad After He Runs Red Light: 'I Told the Police Guy to Give My Daddy a Ticket'

Little Robbie told Inside Edition: 'The rule on the road, you don't go past red lights!'

The 6-year-old boy dropped the dime on his own father, calling 911 after his dad drove through a red light.

Robbie Richardson, told Massachusetts police: “My daddy went past a red light, he has a black truck and he was in the brand new car, my mommy’s car.”

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Robbie spoke to Inside Edition Thursday, saying: “I told the police guy to give my daddy a ticket.”

His father, Mike, admitted he was “a little embarrassed” and “a little nervous.”

Robbie and his dad were actually back at their home in Quincy, Massachusetts, having a barbecue when the boy called 911.

He told the dispatcher that his father, “had to go to the car wash and then he went past the red light.”

Mike told Inside Edition: “He comes out with the cordless house phone in his hand and he hands it to me and I look at the display on it and it said 911 and I panicked for a second.”

The embarrassed dad let the operator know that they were home and not driving.

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Mike admitted to Inside Edition: “It was a red light, but it was one you could turn on red. So I had stopped and turned, and he said dad you went through a red light, I said, 'you can go through that as long as you stop.'"

His son still does not agree with his father’s instruction, saying: “The rule on the road, you don't go past red lights!”

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