Hugh Jackman's Oprah Show Stunt Goes Awry

Australian actor Hugh Jackman was slightly injured when he zip-lined from the roof of the Sydney Opera House to Oprah's outdoor stage and forgot to brake, crashing into lighting equipment. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Actor Hugh Jackman certainly knows how to make an entrance. He came flying from the top of the Sydney Opera House right onto Oprah's stage. But the stunt didn't go off as planned and Jackman ended up with a nasty cut below his eye!

Before Jackman's big entrance, Oprah thrilled the massive crowd for the finale of her visit Down Under, telling them how much she loved Australia.

Then it was time for the big moment, hometown hero Hugh Jackman flying in on a zip line.

Jackman says he was so excited with thousands of screaming fans and his dad and children in the audience that he forgot to throw the brake, and slammed right into lighting equipment at the end of the zip line.

Oprah swung into action, rushing over to give Jackman her compact mirror to make sure his eye was okay. Then she held ice wrapped in a towel on his face, and gave him a glass of red wine to help with the pain.

Jackman was more concerned about his kids, who had a front row seat. He gave them a reassuring gesture to let them know he was just fine.

Professional that he is, he carried on with the show with his swollen black eye.

Also on the show were Australian celebrities Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Olivia Newtown-John, and Russell Crowe.