TV Meteorologist Sam Champion Rips American Airlines in Twitter Tirade for 'Shameful Behavior'

The former 'GMA' meteorologist was peeved by what he called passenger 'swapping' on his flight.

Sam Champion is blasting American Airlines for what he calls "shameful" behavior.

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The TV personality says he was on a flight to New York after a Florida vacation Monday when the airline began removing passengers because the plane was allegedly "too heavy" to fly. 

He launched into a 30-tweet rant and gave his nearly 300,000 followers a blow-by-blow account of his war with the airline.

One tweet was: “Sooo @americanair just "swapped" passengers on a flight they said was too heavy.. And wanted to swap me next... #huh??”

Another said: “I've seen how ur treating people.”

“Not looking for special treatment... What I’ve witnessed is #shameful,” he added.

He told Inside Edition: “Everybody's sitting on the plane, fastened up, the doors getting ready to close and now they're calling people off the airplane.

“Then I heard my name come up as the next name. I'm thinking, 'wait a minute, I’ve been waiting since 2 o'clock in the airport to get on the flight you delayed twice then cancelled. I have a ticket. I have a seat number, why did you choose me, why choose him?’ Explain to us.”

In a statement to Inside Edition, American Airlines says: “We were not "swapping" out people at all. This is a small regional jet, and due to weather in the Miami-area, the flight was weight restricted. The aircraft usually holds 50 passengers, but could only hold a maximum of 47 passengers. We had to remove two paying passengers, who will be compensated.”

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Champion told Inside Edition: “That statement that you just read is not true.”

He added: “They've said that this flight has to remove weight to go into a storm situation for passenger safety. So you remove two passengers, not politely. And now you're putting two passengers on, you're filling those seats. That just made no sense to me.”

Following his rant, other frustrated passengers praised him for his actions.

He told one follower: “I just had to speak out.”

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