Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Argues Against Getting Married: 'I Don't Want to Kiss Anyone'

Little boy says he'd be scared to get married in video that has gone viral.

Stay away, ladies. You won't get this 4-year-old bachelor to the altar

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While eating pizza with his brother and father, the happily single heartbreaker told his dad: “I don’t want to be married.”

Surprised, his father asked if he was kidding.

The boy replied: “'I would be scared!”

He added: “Well, because I don't wanna kiss anyone... Well if they kiss me they sometimes do it with spit!”

As the boy chomps on his slice of pizza and waxes poetic with his logic for not tying the knot, his father asked: “I thought you wanted to be a daddy?”

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The child said: “Well, I am not marrying anyone. I don’t need a wife.” The pragmatic boy said: “I do want to have kids” and seemed to maintain he doesn’t need a wife for that.

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