Witness This Tender Moment Between a Giant Panda and Her Tiny Newborn Cub

The newborn, described as a "little pink sausage," is so tiny that he fits comfortably in the palm of a zookeeper's hands.

Witness the initial moments shared between this giant panda mom and her not-so-giant newborn cub.

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Hao Hao the panda, who lives at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium, is celebrating the birth of her unnamed newborn on Thursday, just three months after becoming pregnant by artificial insemination.

The tiny male cub, who fits comfortably in the palm of a zookeeper's hands, looks miniscule compared to his mom, who can be seen in the zoo's footage grooming the pink, furless newborn with her mouth, and cuddling him close to her face.

He also squirms and cries excitedly with his umbilical chord still connected, as Hao Hao attempts to wrangle him in.

Zoo director Tim Bouts even called the newborn a "little pink sausage" in a statement.

Hao Hao's pregnancy was only announced two weeks ago, after the zoo wrote in a press statement that the giant panda's urine samples and behavior suggested she was impregnated by Xing Hui, a 5-year-old panda sent by the Chinese government to accompany Hao Hao.

According to a Facebook post earlier this year, the Pairi Daiza have been trying to mate Hao Hao and Xing Hui since February, but have had little luck because Xing Hui has just begun reaching sexual maturity, even though the pair do show a keen interest in one another.

Thet were sent to the zoo located 30 miles south of Brussels two years ago. To recreate their natural environment, Chinese zookeepers even helped the Belgian zoo recreate a bamboo forrest and an amythyst cave.

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The newborn is reportedly the first panda cub to be born outside of China this year.

According to the zoo, "less than 2,000 panda can be found in the wild, making every birth a true miracle.

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