Little Girl Cries With Joy as She Receives American Girl Doll With Prosthetic Leg, Just Like Her

A video of 10-year-old Emma Bennett opening a custom-made American Girl doll with the same prosthetic leg as her has gone viral.

A little girl's reaction to seeing her new doll will warm your heart.

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For 10-year-old Emma Bennett, it is no ordinary doll. Emma has a prosthetic leg and was filmed crying for joy because her doll has a prosthetic leg too.

The American Girl doll was made specially just for Emma. The video of her getting the gift has now gone viral with over 10 million views and counting.

In the video, her mother, Courtney, reads a letter sent by the American Girl company that said: “After a few weeks of training, she is ready to go home and lead a life without limitations with you.”

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Courtney teamed up with Step Ahead Prosthetics to try and get the doll custom made for Emma.

So grateful about her new doll, Emma said: Thank you for making a doll like me!”

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